CreatiCom s.r.o.

How we used digital channels during the year to expand the agency from 8 to 45+ people and increase revenue by 487%.

The client

We are a community of marketing experts and experienced enrepreneurs, who pass on their knowledge to university students. By connecting with students we can offer our client combination of gained knowledge and the ambition of young enthusiasts in our projects. This combo brings an innovative view, flexibility and it allows us to work with small businesses as well as international corporations. We help with online marketing and digital commerce.


Even through Covid we managed to get 36 new clinets in 2020. The average worth of client for us is 570 000 CZK, average conversion price 8 870 CZK nd average lead 98 CZK.
ROI is 2 285 %.


1. To differenciate from the rest of huge number of marketing agencies in the Czech Republic

2. To gain new clients

3. To enhance our brand & inform
of the opportunities and advantages of digital commerce. It the whole Czech Republic there is only 5 companies who offer whole digitisation of commerce.


We concluded that Linkedin is the best channel for us. This includes emailing, in person meetings and videcalls. We are working on 3 Linkedin profiles through which we communicate differently depending on the needs and strategy.

Our timeline

1. Target audience definition

2. Division of each target audience group in between tradespeople

- Linkedin Michal Rejmon - we offer whole digitisation of commerce to Czech companies through contacting sales directors or owners of the company in B2B sector.
- Linkedin Radek Miškovský - we offer services in both divisions through personal communication with CEOs of B2B or B2C companies.
- Linkedin Jan Bartoň - We offer online marketing, web development and graphic design through reaching out to marketing managers in B2B
and B2C sectors.

3. Creation of mindmap for the business process

4. Set up of automation - reaching out on Linkedin, contacts in CRM, personified emailing for different situations (basic info with reminder, reminder after sending an offer, etc.). remarketing, automated client retention

5. The communication on each profile

6. Monthly report on optimisation (the first communication funnel was 210% less sucessful compared to the present one)


We aimed to enhance the brand of each tradesperson of our community and through that enhance the brand of CreatiCom.
We made conversation with over 3200 relevant decision makes and met up personally or though videocall with more than 300 to present our brand. We aimed to spread the knowledge of digitisation and the advantages of commerce automation.
Our posts have more than 300 000 views in B2B sector. We gained over 11 000 followers on profiles of the key tradespeople of our community and the company.
But above all we could help 36 new clients with their communication through this approach.

Collaboration in numbers

The value of new commisions in 2020
Followers of our profiles and channels
% return on investment
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