Educator Initiative

Through automated outbound strategy on Linkedin we made partnership worth 3,2 million for an initiative to transform education in 21st century

Collaboration in numbers

The budget for our activities (3 months)
Partnerships created
Funding through partnerships

The client

Educator, z.s. is an independent initiative focusing on adapting czech educational system, the istitutions and student life to 21st century. The fundamental idea is the intergation of digital technologies and critical thinking into daily routine of lessons and teaching.


In 3 months we approached over 4K people from the target audience, started hundreds of converstions and created number of partnerships worth over 3 million CZK.


1. Finding financial partnership in the uncertain time of Covid for a non-profit Educator project.

2. Spread the word about the Educator initiative.


In the first phase of the project we helped our client to define target audience, simplify the overall presentation and prepare the key documentation. Then we created communication sales funnel.
We defined Linkedin the most effective channel and through automation we approached 4.1 K decision makers in HR, CSR and marketing in 3 months. We generated around 420 conversations
with the aim to arrange face to face meeting or videocall.
For the in person meetins we used our experience with B2B and we helped our client to prepare the pitch presentation and other documents needed.

Our timeline

1. Tagret audience definition
2. Sales funnel setup with aim to start conversation
3. Optimisation of profile, important documentation and connection text messages.
4. Release of the automation
5. Advice on respond to interesting leads
6. Preparation for in person meeting for partnerships (documentation and comunication)
7. Optimisation of communication based on the responses


We increased our network by approx. 1K of potentional partners which we can work with on long term inbound strategy.
We introduced Educator to 67 potential partners through in person meeting or videocall. We created new partnerships and received over 3 million CZK funding for development and management of the project.