We are looking for
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From enthusiastic juniors to experts in the field.

Ať už jsi student, kterého marketing baví a nebo jsi expert s x lety zkušeností, zapoj se do naší kreativní komunity CreatiCom a pracuj nejen v digitálním marketingu.

Thanks to working on real projects with experienced specialists, your career options will grow with your skillset. We also organise "hands-on" educational sessions. We will not do the job for you, but we will help you get it done YOURSELF! Do what you love with people who you vibe with. If this sounds interesting to you, hit us up!

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PPC specialist

PPC specialist focuses on advertisements in the search and advertisement engines. They set up search, display and other forms of PPC adverts. They have the knowledge of web analytics (Google analytics), Facebook ads, RTB ads and SEO.

PR specialist

PR specialist communicates with the public in the name of a company. They form and spread news and information for the public and clients of the company. 


Copywriter tvoří poutavé reklamní texty pro propagační a marketingové účely firem. Určuje a tvoří výslednou podobu textového obsahu reklamního sdělení, aby vše bylo co nejúčinnější pro zákazníky.

Graphic designer

The key work of graphic designer is visualisation of adverts and marketing or promotional documents. They have a practical knowledge of graphic softwares.


They can produce replicative and technical photography. They have a knowledge of computer editing, set design for photography, printing and graphic softwares to finalise the photographs.

Web specialist

This role focuses on designing website layout which includes graphics, text and basic structure of the web wireframe on the internet. They have knowledge of graphic hardwares and softwares for creating websites.

Marketing junior

Marketing junior works on marketing analysis in order to increase profit of a company. They monitor the market, competiton and look for new promotion solutions.

Influencer marketing

Celková znalost v influencer marketingu. Vyhledávání vhodných influencerů, komunikace s nimi.