Gastronomic concept
Červený Jelen

About the project

September 2021 to present
Marketing management, PPC campaign audit, Google Ads, Facebook PPC, Google My business, Tripadvisor, Strategy management, Communication strategy and plan, E-mail marketing, LinkedIn strategy, Website and profile management
Červený Jelen (Red Deer) is a four floor gastronomic concept in the heart of Prague, Hybernská street. The goal iof this project is to be a leader within the Czech gastronomy and marketing scene.

Červený Jelen itself is a space, atmosphere, great service, culture, food made by chef Marek Fichtner, Plzeň beer on tap and desserts by Klára Řezníčková. It is a unique venue due to it's interior design, gastronomy and culture which gives Czech cuisine new and modern touch. 

We work with Červený Jelen since September 2021. We provide them with complex marketing services where we combine strategy with the running of the restaurant. We are in charge of every marketing activity (B2B, B2C,B2E,B2M) and manage marketing team, freelancers including.

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