Sell your brand and your products or services on LInkedIn

It doesn't matter if you have a LinkedIn profile for finding a job, selling your services or products or you just want to build awareness of your brand. In any case you should aim for having all the profile sections filled in. Every information about you can be the selling one and it is only up to you how you present it. Your presentation will at the end determine if you get from LinkedIn what you wanted. If that is the case, why not present your services and products the right way?

What should your LinkedIn profile look like, what should it contain and what, on the other hand, shouldn't? I get these questions all the time. There is no template applicable to all. Take this advice as a user manual on how to think about it and how to use your profile to reach your goals.

There is no better way to start than from the beginning. Open your profile. Let's go through it together and compare what it already contains with the advice I am going to give you on what to have there. We are going to start with an URL address. Is your URL If yes, then great. But if you see your name and a lot of numbers behind it, edit that right now. Go to the right column in the first block and click on “edit public profile and URL address. On the newly opened tab you will see your URL in the same position where you clicked before. Change it to your name and if it is already taken, use a dash symbol or swap around your first name and surname.

The URL is done. The next step which catches anyones attention is your profile photo. It is better to avoid facebook photos and holiday selfies. You should present yourself so it aligns with your goals and your field. If you are a bank CEO, a photo of you in a suit or at least a shirt would be the right choice. If you are a wedding photographer, it can show you at a wedding with a camera.

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Another visual on your profile is the wide format photo above your profile photo - cover. This is a space for you to show or sell what you offer and what you do. Avoid using random city panorama and show your company's mood instead or you in action. You can even tell the viewer what to do when visiting your profile.

You might be an IT lecturer therefore, you could show a photo of you explaining to your students how to code a website. If you are a wedding photographer it can show you taking photos of newly weds which will remind them of their wedding every time they see it. You can use your slogan if you have one, website link, phone number and other information to get the visitors where you want them to go.

We completed the photos and the third part which attracts a lot of attention is the career presentationwhich used to be called motto until not long ago. It led people to writing quotes and some profiles still have them there. What should this part contain? Write down in this space something that immediately explains to any reader what you can help them with. “The CEO of an X company” won't tell anyone anything about you unless it is a well known brand. You have up to 220 characters to write something about what you can do. Use information and keywords that say the most about you first. For example: Digitation of commerce and marketing, Digitation of commerce and marketing, LinkedIn B2B Marketing & Sales Specialist, Co-Founder of CreatiCom, which is a headline of Michal Rejmon. Everyone knows immediately what he can help them with and if he is the one they are looking for.

The about section. LinkedIn users have either nothing there or only one sentence. In my opinion a sentence “I focus on performance marketing, specifically Facebook campaigns” is just not enough. It is true that the viewer now knows what you do but it does not make you any unique compared to the rest of the performance marketers. There is no chance people will remember you in a month's time.

So what should you write there? The first paragraph is key. You have to catch the readers' attention and make them want to read further. In my opinion it is nice to use a "hook"at the beginning of the first paragraph. For example: “I am an owner of X businesses and projects which profited over 100 mill.However, I wouldn't be here for my first fuck up while selling advertisement on street.” Everyone knows the journey is not always easy and there are falls on the way which move you forward. You don't have to be afraid of sharing your falls which took you to the place you are at right now. In America, they look a lot at your falls and fuck ups you experienced. If they were to choose between two candidates, they would choose the one with those experiences. Besides, people enjoy storiesIt is great to show WHAT you do but also include the WHY. Your story can resonate with people and there is a higher chance they will remember you.

The next thing in the about section should be your expertise, experience, you have and the results you achieved. For example:“I have focused on performance marketing in the services sector for over 10 years and I worked in company A, company B and company C. I raised the profits by 300% in those companies due to the fitting PPC setting for campaigns.”

The last part of this section is call to action. What do you want people to do? Do you want them to write you an email and get in touch regarding your services? Do you want them to follow you on your YouTube channel? Do you want them to visit your website and shop on your online shop? You have to write exactly what you want them to do.

The additional section is not so much used on LinkedIn profiles. Take this section as a smart way to tell your visitors more about you. You can share a PDF of your projects or your successes here. As well as those you can insert case studies or informative PDF about your services and products. You can share a podcast you are in, certificates, prizes, workshops or interviews you appeared in.

Work experience is a space for you to show where you have worked and what you brought to those companies. The content of your work is good but the results are much more here.

Do you have any recommendationson your profile? You don't? Look at it from a different point of view now. Have you ever bought a new phone without looking at reviews? When you think about going to a workshop, do you read the reviews? It is the same with LinkedIn recommendations. You wouldn't probably buy anything without reading reviews. Same goes for people that look at your profile in order to connect and collaborate with you.

Overcome your shyness and ask your clients or colleagues for a recommendation. There is even a feature on LinkedIn called “request recommendation”. You choose the person you want to approach, put down the type of relationship you have eg. client, co-worker or supervisor and then you send them a short message asking politely for a recommendation. You can make it easier for them by reminding them what they said about you previously if you remember or you have it written in an email for example. You can also start with writing them a recommendation yourself and then ask them for one. They will be happy to do the sama for you.

Keep in mind that the more sections you have filled in the better for you. You have higher credibility within LinkedIn and you will be closer to your goals. Well written and structured profile is the basics for being successful on LinkedIn.

I wish you a successful presentation of yourself, your products and services on this social media.

Lucie Syrová