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We automate up to 80% of your sales process

We get leads that are cheaper and more relevant

We will teach you how to sell online

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Case studies

CreatiCom s.r.o.

How we used digital channels during the year to expand the agency from 8 to 45+ people and increase revenue by 487%.

Educator Initiative

Using an automated outbound strategy on Linkedin, we raised 3.2 million for the 21st Century Education transformation initiative.

Does it sound unbelievable? Try it out!

What can we help you with?


We will optimize and take care of your communication on Linkedin. Linkedin is an effective business channel.


CRM is the cornerstone of any business. We set up, train, manage.


In combination with other channels, emailing brings surprising results. Automatic sending of personalized e-mails.


Webinars. A new trend that can take your business process to the next level.


Automate up to 80% of sales representatives' work. Reminders, follow-ups, lead generation, etc.

Sales processes

Our experts will advise you on the complete setup of business processes in online and offline environments.
Our happy clients

How to boost your sales with online solutions?

80% of deals are closed between 5-12 contacts.

80% of sales representatives contact potential clients only 2-3 times.

That's data from Salesforce - the largest CRM in the world. That means most sales representatives will not even get their potential client to the stage where they will start thinking about using offered services.

This is where we help you, because let's be honest, if you call someone 12 times in a month, they will be fed up. With our solution, you will achieve the desired amount of contacts thanks to automation. Efficiently and without bothering the client. Now that's a win-win situation!

We provide a carefully created mix of communication, which combines LinkedIn, emailing, or even a phone call or video call, will help you achieve more contacts than 12. All this without making the potential client feel like you are chasing them.

And what do you get besides new customers? Online sales is cheaper and more scalable. This leads to growth that most of our clients never dreamed of before working with us. Are you ready to boost your business? Contact us for more information!

Michal Rejmon, Co-Founder a Chief Account Manager

How do we proceed?

Together we will define your target groups, go through your current business strategy and understand your product/service in detail.

Based on the information from the first phase, we will create an online business strategy.

Based on the marketing strategy, we will adjust everything to maximize the results of our cooperation.

We search daily and contact 10 - 50 potential clients with personalized messages with an invitation to join LinkedIn or use other channels such as Facebook advertising, PR and Emailing.

We will help you with quality content to maintain contact, build your brand and put you to the role of an expert in your field.

We will help you get your potential clients and partners from the Think phase to the Do phase. Sales is a key for us. 80% of the sales take place between the 5th - 10th contact.

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Michal Rejmon CreatiCom

Let's sell online together!

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